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 We AreQudos.

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Connecting car service companies, drivers and riders in an efficient network and a community of engaging experiences.

Qudos provides a state of the art ride-hailing technology overlay with automated solutions for fleet management and ride booking, along with a mobile suite of apps; fully integrated in a social networking platform. All ride-hailing stakeholders benefit from the Qudos values of engagement, empowerment and enhancement. Car bases simplify operations and save from not having to build or maintain proprietary technology. Drivers market themselves and build a book of business. Riders are safe with drivers they know and can personalize their rides.

Qudos Technologies Inc., based in New York City, was founded in 2016 as a ride-hailing company, but has since evolved into the industry's first ride-hailing technology overlay with a fully integrated social networking platform for car service companies, enabling digital capabilities.

Our mission is to provide a new ride-hailing mobility experience where riders, drivers and car bases participate in a community grounded in social responsibility.

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