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QUDOS BETA LAUNCH on October 24, 2022

Drive for Multiple TLC Car Bases in just One App: the Qudos Driver App

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What does this mean for you as our valued driving partner?

Earn over $2,000 per week, plus a 10% Bonus from Qudos!

Earn over $2,000 per week, plus a 10% Bonus from Qudos. Sign up now before the Beta Launch October 24, 2022! Terms apply.

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Register & Drive for Multiple TLC Car Bases Inside the Qudos app

With many car bases to choose from, select as many as you like, using just ONE APP!

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Receive Incentives & Sign-up Bonuses

Incentives and multiple sign-up bonuses are available through Qudos and its participating car bases.

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Get Paid More with Higher Minimums & Better Rates

Say goodbye to minimums of $5.39 or $5.47; participating car bases in the Qudos app offer a minimum payout of $11; more than double!

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QudosQueue: Find Trips That Fit Your Schedule

Find the best trips in advance and manage your time with the listed trips under QudosQueue. You can filter trips by dates, time, status, car type request (luxury or standard), trips by location or trips by car base.

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QudosConnect: Build Repeat Riders with an Integrated Social Network

Participate in a social network and promote yourself. You high quality service and safety will create a steady base of loyal riders. Car bases and Qudos will support building your business in the long term.

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Drivers manage their own schedules and plan their weeks in advance by confirming queued trips.

Drivers build business with repeat riders.

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