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Guaranteed Payouts for the First 2 Weeks

To qualify for a $1,000 guaranteed payout, complete at least 75 trips in a week

To Qualify:
  • Only approved drivers from the list of car base clients in the Qudos app are eligible to join. Our participating car bases continue to grow and currently include:
    • ACK Transportation, ONIX Transportation, G&J Luxury Transportation, BLINK Ride LLC, EDL Transportation, ABIX Transportation
To Be Eligible:
  • See the details below:
    • The minimum of 75 trips to be completed in a week must take place from Monday to Sunday.
    • If you don't earn $1,000 collectively from the car base payouts, Qudos will guarantee the pay difference.
    • EXAMPLE:, if you only earn $900 for 75 trips or more, Qudos will credit your account with an additional $100 to complete the total of $1,000.
    • If you complete a minimum of 75 trips and you earn more than $1,000 then Qudos has no obligation to credit an additional amount.
    • Trips that are subject to dispute and refunds are not valid for inclusion in the weekly trip count.
    • Guaranteed payouts are only valid for 2 weeks of claims per driver.
  • Drivers that complete the minimum of 75 trips within the week should immediately email rewards@qudos.us to inform the Qudos team.
  • Please allow the Qudos team at least 5 days after submission of the trip count to verify the completed trips
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The email submission is OPTIONAL but also not a GUARANTEE that you will automatically receive the true-up payment amount to reach $1,000 until the Qudos team has verified the data and a confirmation email is sent to you.