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Pricing built for car service businesses regardless of size.
Get to know what you'll pay.

Access a complete operationally ready ride-hailing platform with a simple, pay-as-you-go, per-ride completion pricing. Whichever is greater.

79¢ or 4.9%

Everything you need to manage a ride-hailing business.
Hundreds of feature updates each year.
No fees. Setup, monthly or hidden fees all eliminated.
A Driver Network for your car service area coverage needs.

Available for car bases with high volumes of ride requests to increase ride completion percentage.


Based on a Driver Payout
$2 Driver Network Fee for a $20 Driver Payout Ride Completion

Get 100+ features out of the box with Qudos Client Car Base integrated per-ride completion pricing.

Management Platform

Efficiently organize and coordinate all of your transportation business activities.

Technology Support

Qudos provides world class technology and support so you can focus on growing your business.

Driver & Rider App

Tools for your drivers to operate on the go. Obtain real time status updates and location information.

Live Tracking System

Your operation team can conveniently manage and track drivers & trips in real time.

Concierge App

Everything your corporate customers need to book & manage rides.

Social Network

Boost revenues and rider/driver satisfaction with our affiliate network.

What is the Qudos Client Car Base Platform?

What is the Qudos Client Car Base Platform?

Qudos introduces Qudos Client Car Base Platform - a dedicated suite of ride-hailing apps and an operationally ready platform that provides drivers, riders, corporates, and car bases for a truly connected car service experience.

Who is the platform for?

Who is the platform for?

The platform focuses on the needs of Car Base Owners and Operators, allowing them to quickly and easily upgrade their car service and ride-hailing operations without technical expertise or any of the upfront cost and costly pitfalls usually associated with building a fully integrated technology platform.

How to register?

How to register?

Go to https://admin.qudos.us and complete the signup process.