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TOWER LEASING has partnered with Qudos

Access to 5,000 Drivers with TLC vehicles available in the Qudos App, give you better ride completion coverage with lower competitive payment structure

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What does this mean to you as a TLC car base in NYC

Access to a Larger Driver Pool To Cover Your Ride Completion Needs

With 5,000 drivers with TLC vehicles to choose from, select and approve as many as you like, using a suite of apps and platforms.

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Lower Minimum Driver Payout & Better Payment Rates

Say goodbye to minimums of $15 or $18; Qudos App offers a much lesser minimum payment at $10.97!

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Quick & No Setup Cost, Ease of Use & Ability to Scale

Our goal is to help car bases companies like yourself increase the size of your driver network thus increasing your capacity to complete rides, streamline your operations with an automated workflow, and improve your profitability. There is no upfront cost for the use of our platform!

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Drivers manage their own schedules and plan their weeks in advance by confirming queued trips.

Drivers build business with repeat riders.

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